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For Round 2 interviewees

First, let me say: Congrats on your invite!!
I’ve been getting a few emails from round two applicants that recently received interview invitations. So I decided to put this up to help as many as need it. I’ve listed the things I did to prepare for my interview. You can also check my interview debriefs: Booth & Sloan. And Fi’s Stanford debrief (P.S: she got in!!!)

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Waiting for the rain part 2

I’m waiting for  Booth and Sloan to release their admission decisions. So far,  I don’t feel stressed but it has occurred to me that I need to start planning for school. Maybe not the finer details since I’m not yet sure of which state I will be going to. But I’m doing a lot of dreaming, hoping and praying. And budgeting, and planning and wondering. Read the rest of this entry »


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Stanford interview debrief

I did not get invited to interview with Stanford (their loss. Yes I know they will get a lot of well qualified and great students who will do them proud. But, I’m the only person that knows what I have to offer), but I have a friend that did and this is a summary of how her interview went: Read the rest of this entry »


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My Sloan interview debrief

So I had my long-awaited Sloan interview less than two days ago and it went well, very well but not excellently which is probably why I have not come to update everyone n how it went. My major issue is realizing after the interview that all the questions had a similar theme (teamwork) and knowing that I did not notice that while the interview was going on. Also, I know I used the STAR and PAR method and that I showed my thought process in some answers. It’s just that my clearadmit interview guide encouraged showing how you felt in your answers and I don’t think I did that which makes me feel disappointed. Read the rest of this entry »


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Nervous Energy

My interview is in approximately six hours and I’m extremely nervous. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this nervous in my life. I know nervousness is good especially before an important event (such as an interview with an adcom member that will directly impact on the rest of your life) but I wish the time would come already so I can do something else with my time while I wait for the decision.

Meanwhile, I’m heading back to my final preparations. Any one with any final advice for me?


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Plan A

According to the initial plan, I was supposed to get into Stanford and any other school then choose Stanford. But that is not going to happen so here’s the revised version: Get into Sloan and Booth, make the decision when time comes. There’s nothing more I can do about my Booth application (other than pray and hope) but I have one week before my Sloan interview and I plan to nail it.
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In case you were wondering…

I am still waiting for my invitation to interview at Stanford GSB. Yes, I’m aware that it’s just two days to go till the window closes but you’re talking to the lady who got her Booth invite on the last day and her Sloan invite on the day before the last. I’m not giving up hope! I can’t!In my mind, I’m a member of Stanford MBA class of 2017, have been since August 1, 2014 and I don’t foresee any changes to that. Read the rest of this entry »


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