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For Round 2 interviewees

First, let me say: Congrats on your invite!!
I’ve been getting a few emails from round two applicants that recently received interview invitations. So I decided to put this up to help as many as need it. I’ve listed the things I did to prepare for my interview. You can also check my interview debriefs: Booth & Sloan. And Fi’s Stanford debrief (P.S: she got in!!!)

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Mixed feelings

The essays are coming up well. actually, better than well. I can report progress on Stanford, Booth and Wharton essays. Sloan is on a different wavelength but I am certain I will tackle it within the next few days. I’ll get into more details on my approach (more or less; the things that are working for me thus far) but first I want to tell you what’s giving me mixed feelings: I just got out of my supervisor’s office and he’s heard from the grapevine that I am planning to leave for school. While he is supportive of the idea, it now means I may not be able to get into the projects I wanted to get into while I was still here and that really saddens me. He did promise that it would not impact on the decision for the short-term project assignments. I hope get admitted in round one otherwise I may lose out on more than one end. Read the rest of this entry »


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MBA Application Snag

Let me start this with a summary of my applicant profile:

  1. Work Exp: One year in a non-profit. Almost 6 years in consulting.
  2. 710 GMAT (Q47, V40)
  3. GPA of 3.92 out of 5
  4. College EC’s: member of Student Government, Peer tutor, church volunteer.
  5. Post-college EC’s: Founding Board member of a committee at work, professional mentoring to new recruits,  volunteer at church, photography, sports (volleyball & tennis)
  6. Post-MBA goals: Entrepreneurship (Agribusiness)

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2015 MBA round 1 applications: My Approach part 1

It takes a serious approach to get a glorious result

That is what one of my mentors always says and judging from his results, I’ll say he’s right. I have decided to manage my applications, the way I manage projects on my job – with one exception, Read the rest of this entry »

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I plan to apply to four or five schools in round 1 (Wharton, Stanford, Sloan, Booth and one other school I’m yet to decide on). Since most of them have their deadlines by October 1 (some deadlines are earlier than that), I have decided to start working on my essays while still preparing for my GMAT (I may as well start practicing my multi-tasking skills for B-school).

For the past few days, I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions Read the rest of this entry »

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Cold Email: Your first step to your new best friend.

As everybody knows, the most trustworthy reviews of any products are those from other/previous users. An MBA is not exempt, talking to current students and alums of the schools you’re targeting can be the best thing that happened to you particularly if you, like me, cannot make it for a class visit.There’s one small problem: you (like me) do not know any students or alumni personally or so we think at this point.

I’ll be meeting with one current student interning in my town next week and I have already talked with several other students and alums from three of my schools (which is only because I’m taking one school at a time). How did I manage to do that? Read the rest of this entry »


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