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Plans, Plans & more Plans

That seems to be all my life is about now. I really wish I could afford to go on funemployment right now so I can fully focus on preparing for school but I can’t for two reasons, only one of which is money. *sigh*.

I’ve recently realised that I’m not as disorganised as I thought but I’m not as organised as most type-A personalities, though I will agree that I am a ‘plan-a-holic’. This is what my current ‘final’ plan looks like (dates are the latest possible date for concluding the tasks – I hope): Read the rest of this entry »


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Happy New Year!!! And round two help :)

Congrats everyone!!! We’re in the year when most of us will be resuming at Business schools 🙂

This is going to be very brief but I know it’ll help someone. This post is specifically for round two applicants yet to submit. Two things I want to say:

  • The entire application matters. Looking back at my applications, I realize that there are a lot of things my essays did not address but I see them addressed in other parts of my submission. So take the time to read through the online application, your resume and your essays. Don’t take any one piece for granted.

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My GMAT journey … so far

I planned to write my GMAT next week, I’m almost there with my studies and with a few more days (read: weekend) I would have been ready to tackle the exam one final time.However,  one out-of-state wedding, one 3-day workshop and average verbal scores have put an end to that plan. I have to study a lot more particularly reading comprehension (which is not going so well due to my inability to focus on long paragraphs).

For other people studying for GMAT, here’s my advice (mostly things that I think are working for me right now): Read the rest of this entry »


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Application Advice & June roll-call

June has already ended! One major thing that happened this month was that I got a lot of advice from people (current students, Alumni, Colleagues, even Adcoms – from events I attended). So I’m putting them up here so that everybody can benefit from them, you can add yours in the comment section so I can also benefit from them. They are listed in no particular order:

  • The entire application is important; use every bit of it. Let your all your responses and answers demonstrate that you are ideal for the school.

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Essays and she-says

I started working on my essays this week and I have come to two conclusions:

  1. It doesn’t get easier,
  2. Knowing the response to the essay prompt is totally different from being able to communicate it in the essay within the specified limit.

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2015 MBA round 1 applications: My Approach part 2

I’ve set out a more detailed plan since I posted this. I have come up with what I call an application matrix. I got the idea after reading this blog post. My application matrix contains all the goals, attributes and personality traits that I plan to show the admissions committee as well as all the different aspects of application process. It looks like this Read the rest of this entry »


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2015 MBA round 1 applications: My Approach part 1

It takes a serious approach to get a glorious result

That is what one of my mentors always says and judging from his results, I’ll say he’s right. I have decided to manage my applications, the way I manage projects on my job – with one exception, Read the rest of this entry »

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