It happens

23 Oct

We all get those days when nothing goes according to plan. And its normal, even expected but when you have three of such days; back-to-back, you get worried.

Tuesday morning, I woke up happy – I had finally caught up with the unending class work, recruitment preparation and all the shenanigans of b-school. My calendar was not free but reasonable – a one hour meeting at Harper center followed by resumé edits, finishing touches on the homework for Wednesday’s class and a writeup for Thursday class. It was a walk in the park  compared to recent days. 15 minutes into the meeting and I realized my happiness was borne out of ignorance and my day was shot. I  had completely missed out on the fact that corporate networking night (CNN) was that night. I had no idea what companies were coming to the event and knew even less about the companies I should be talking to. All plans for the day cancelled, I started researching companies and work culture and bla bla bla. Attended CNN with a good result and so went Tuesday.

Wednesday starts with rushing to Harper to print my homework before 8:30 class. I struggled with sleep int the first class but all it takes to keep me awake is the thought of how much I am paying to be in class. Armed with tea and scones, the second half of the class was easier to manage. As soon as the class was over, I  hurried to finish my homework for the next class in typical last minute fashion. Once I printed it, I grabbed my lunch and went for some group meeting. My second class of  the day was splendid until I  realized that many of my answers to the homework were wrong. *sigh*. No time to cry, I have to finish my write up for Thursday’s class.

I dragged myself out of bed on Thursday after my alarm had run out of snoozes. Dressed fancy for my first company meet up. Halfway through the discussion, I realized they do not employ international students *sigh*. Moving on, I submitted my casee write up for the afternoon class 2 minutes before deadline, grabbed lunch which I could not eat until the class was about to start because I was participating in a cohort activity that took my time. Thankfully, I was not cold called during the class because I had missed one of the readings for the class. It was a class with grades for participation so I had to struggle to be called when it got to the reading I actually did.

You may not have noticed but it took me 4 days to write this post which is very likely going to be my last. I’ve met a couple of classmates that followed this blog during their journey and it’s been great to hear how useful it was. I hope it is still useful for future applicants. For those that sent me emails, I rarely check that email and will be closing it shortly. However, I will try to respond to everything I got before this post was published.

I wish you all the best.

Naija gal in Booth.


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2 responses to “It happens

  1. Omolola

    October 27, 2015 at 4:25 am

    Hello Naija gal, was discussing with some of my classmates too about how we prepared for the MBA journey and some of them read your blog, I felt so proud of my naija sister…lol. Ur blog has an international audience.
    So I was at NBMBAA last month, met a first year female student from Booth. Was trying to do FBI tingss to know if she was you but the expression on her face when she said she was not the blogger kinda made me believe she wasn’t you. I asked about the other Nigerian gals in her class and she showed me two pictures but couldn’t guess which was you if at all ur pix was among the ones shown to me. Would love to have a coffee chat with you, might be in Chicago during thanksgiving, no concrete plans yet, but let me know if you are available.

    Also, its not easy to be international student, it reduces the target companies. That is my reality right now…..wish you all the best with recruitment.

    • NaijaMBAgal

      October 28, 2015 at 11:45 pm

      Lol. She told me and I don’t know if my pix was among the onew she showed you. We should find a way to link up. I’m very likely to be out of town during Thanksgiving. Warmer pastures are calling my name 🙂 On the recruitment side, I actually got a positive message from a recruiter in one of the companies I plan to check out but had not. It feels good to be wanted. 🙂


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