I have no pink shoes

08 Jan

First off I’d like to wish all round two applicants the very best of luck in their applications. Hope you get into your dream schools.

Since my admission to Booth, I have being immersed in the Booth culture and I can say that I did not make a mistake in my initial analysis. Also, I am now much more certain that I can flourish in that environment. I have also noted that I am not as open to change as I thought I was. I know I will be going to business school this fall but I’m not as elated about it as I should be and this has nothing to do with the school I got into (which is a great school).

I will be leaving my home, my job, my friends. Everything that is familiar to me. As much as I’m excited, I’m scared out of my wits. And that is the reason why my mind keeps wandering; developing a pro/con list based on the things that I love and the things I don’t

Here’s what I love about Booth:

  • The current students are amazing. There is no question that I have that no one knows the answer to or knows someone who knows the answer to. I’ve been connected to people in my target industry just by asking.
  • The curriculum. Pretty much the most flexible MBA curriculum in the world. What’s not to love about it especially for career changers like me.
  • IBEP: Study abroad. Because I don’t have enough global experience and because I want to study in two continents.
  • The prospects (similar to those of all the other to business schools but it is still amazing knowing that the world I’ll step into after my MBA will be filled with unlimited possibilities)

Here’s what I don’t love

  • Financial aid – hopefully this will improve after round one deposits an after the non-merit based fellowships are distributed because it is pitiful right now.
  • Alumni – particularly here in Nigeria. Pitiful doesn’t even cover it. This is where my greatest fear lies. First off; it took till today to get an Alumnus to reach out to me and even now, I’m not impressed with the effort. I’m left to wonder what Booth Alums in this part of the world think of the impact Booth had on their lives. A friend of mine got into Tuck and the alums are falling over themselves reaching out to him. Same thing with the HBS admits so it’s not likely a class size issue. I don’t think Booth has an excuse here and I would really like to hear an alum explain this. I’m really unimpressed by the cold welcome and I’m not asking for much; 30 seconds to say “welcome to the school that helped me achieve my goal” is not too much. We’re not that many from this part of the world and we should stick together right?

Which brings me to the question: What do I want the most out of my MBA? Is the network more important than the skill set I want to acquire? I don’t know. They’re both important to me. I know I can get to my goal without the (local) network and I can get the skill set without the MBA but they are both really important to me which is why I chose schools that will actually improve my skill set and build my network significantly.

Is my experience with Booth alumni in Nigeria an anomaly? Or is there a round 3 application in my future? Or do I hope for the best with Sloan? I don’t know. I really would like to have a better experience with Alumni. But I don’t have any thing to lose with another application do I?

P.S: I haven’t paid my Booth deposit because of the value of the Naira, I’d rather go to Booth than not go to a business school. Since Booth is all I have now, I’m taking it while hoping for a better experience. And better financial aid 🙂

P.P.S: You’re probably wondering what pink shoes have to do with this, I have shoes, just not pink shoes. Problems that are not really problems – no offence to those that have actual problems.


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3 responses to “I have no pink shoes

  1. Shakas

    January 8, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    Congrats dear ! Happy to see you secured a place in a top B-School, I think you deserve it!

    Concerning your cons about Botth, I think your experience is really an anomaly. I am a recent admit to Wharton, and I must say I am almost overwhelmed by alumni in France (they are calling, writing emails, texting, etc.). But, I know another admit in a different country facing the same “troubles” you do. Both those experience changes nothing to the value of Wharton of course, and I believe it’s the same with Booth.

    For instance, do you know the number of Booth’s alumni in Nigeria? Maybe it is very low. Maybe it is the School, busy with R2 apps to work on, that did not send your admission to alumni. Also, take a different angle on the situation. You just reached a huge achievement so this is a big deal for you, fact. But remember that it’s the beginning of the year. I guess most people (including alumni) are getting back from vacation, catching up on loads of emails at work (I know I do ^^), getting out to show pictures of vacation to friends and family, etc. With that in mind, I won’t be too harsh on them. I don’t know when Booth’s deposit due date is, but I guess/think/hope you will have some news before the deadline.

    That’s just my 2 cents. Congrats again on your admission. Just as you, I am truly realising what it means to leave family and friends for the “unknown”. Lucky you, you still have almost six months before leaving, I only have three (my program starts in May) 🙂

    • NaijaMBAgal

      January 8, 2015 at 6:13 pm

      Thanks Shakas. I see your point and I hope something changes because Booth is most likely the school I will attend (except something drastic occurs). Before applying, I met about 5 of the alums, I know Booth did not admit 5 Nigerians in round 1. I wouldn’t have been this bothered if I had not experienced a bit of this when I reached out to them while applying. I know Booth alums in some other countries are great – round 1 admits are full of praise, just wondering what happened to those in Nigeria.
      Congrats on your admission and good luck with the preparation. I almost wish I could leave sooner, it’ll give me less time to worry.


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