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28 Aug

Caffeine is my new best friend and Booth rocks for giving me the opportunity to create an awesome presentation. If consultants have a language it’ll be presentations and I’m very fluent in that language if I have to say so myself. However, I am aware that some people do not have the same love for presentations that I have but still want to send in an amazing presentation so I’m going to summarize my ‘introduction to presentations’ study pack (pecks of being a hoarder, I still have those from 2008), I hope its useful:


  • One font colour, maximum 3 but only if absolutely necessary,you are an adult not a preschooler. Make sure the colours are visible against the background. One rule of thumb is to use dark colours against light backgrounds and light colours against dark backgrounds. Additionally stick to one font type; you can use different sizes for headings and body but let there be a pattern. I personally find different font sizes distracting and know that it is prohibited in certain materials we send out from the company.
  • Not too wordy: This is subjective. I personally do not have a problem with it as long as there is a flow and it is arranged in a catchy manner but I did not write the guide and most people agree that less is more when it comes to presentations except for font size 🙂
  • A picture is worth a thousand words: choose the right thousand. Particularly for an MBA application, I would say lose the picture of a drunk you on a nude beach singing at he top of your voice.


  • Be mindful of file size: What is the point of having an amazing presentation that cannot be submitted (or sent to the client)
  • Different systems display differently: I have first hand experience of this, worked all night on a presentation on my home system, opened it the next morning at work and it was all over the place. Some of the fonts I used were not available on the other system, my layout was completely messed up. I spent a good deal of time cleaning it up. *sigh*
  • Unlike an actual presentation, you will not be there to present your MBA application presentation, you need to let it speak on its own. If you’ve ever respond t an RFP (request for proposal) you know what I’m talking about. You need to include everything you want to say even those you would have had in the notes into the slide deck. And still not be too wordy. My personal advice here is simply to skip the technical speak and just re-write it  as if you’re saying it.
  • Have a theme: It can be a serious theme, it can be funny. But you don’t want to be that person that tries to talk about everything, it always seems like insecurity (to me).
  • Use graphics: not so much that they overwhelm te presentation but enough that you do not like you’re writing an essay on Powerpoint. When I say graphics, I don’t just mean pictures and images, layouts are also included, slide arrangements, the tiny things are the most important.
  • Oliver does not want some more: Not at all, he wants just enough. The same way you will not respond to Harvard’s bo-word-limit essay with 1500 words, 10 slides really is too much, except you are writing one sentence per slide 😀 My point here is they’re going to spend just a few minutes on your application don’t let them have to just skimp through it and not give you the consideration you deserve.

Those are my two cents. My Booth presentation is ready and out for review. Today is Sloan day (I’m attacking the applications, one school a day, then another the next day till I’ve cycled through them all) so I’m heading over to Grantmeadmission’s essay analysis page and TopdogMBA’s think for yourself page to get review resources that’ll help me start. If you have any presentation related questions, I’m happy to answer.

P.S: Anyone know where I can host a video submission for my application? I’d like to submit a video for my sloan optional essay.


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3 responses to “Presentations rock

  1. topdogmba

    August 28, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    Hi there! Thanks a lot for the publicity Naija MBA Gal – I hope it helps someone else too!

    I’m also interested how people will host their video submission for MIT. I’m still working on a script but thought it’d be simple to film on an iPhone and upload to YouTube (I’ve never done this, just assuming that Apple won’t let me down!).

    Will let you know when I’ve given this a try over the weekend.

    • NaijaMBAgal

      August 28, 2014 at 5:03 pm

      You’re welcome.

      I’ll love to hear how it goes. I’ve never uploaded anything to youtube


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