2015 MBA round 1 applications: My Approach part 1

12 Jun

It takes a serious approach to get a glorious result

That is what one of my mentors always says and judging from his results, I’ll say he’s right. I have decided to manage my applications, the way I manage projects on my job – with one exception, this is going to be the best project I ever managed; the stakes are too high for anything else. I’m going to think of it as my most important marketing project (which is very scary since I have never had a marketing project but it can’t be too hard right?)

Usually, I start every project by planning and this is no different. My planning stage is where I determine what the goals are, my timelines and the steps I will take towards making the project a success. Therefore here is my goal for Project Strong Stand (I had to come up with a name to differentiate it from my other projects at work and my book of the month had some nice things to say about strong stands which can apply here):

  • Get into at least 2 of the 4 MBA programs I apply to, with substantial funding.

Next, I have identified key objectives/sub-goals that will help me achieve my main goal, they include

  • Get a score of at least 750 in GMAT
  • Craft my resume so that it shows my best skills and achievements
  • Submit a well-rounded application (treat every aspect of the application as the most significant part of the application)
  • Write essays that tell my story and show my personality
  • Get Alumni and current student input on my application (especially resume & essays)
  • Submit my application within the last 5 days of the round but no later than 24 hours before the deadline

Next thing I did was to list all the ‘deliverables’ and come up with a timeline within which I need to have them ready.  Basically, I just went to my calendar and created deadlines for myself, working backwards from the application submission date.

I will go over some aspects of this approach in more detail subsequently, for now I need to get back to preparing for my GMAT.

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