Post Interview Blues

05 May

So I did my last MBA interview four whole days ago and it did not go exactly as planned. I’m divided, on one part, I think I did great, on the other, I think I did woefully. It’s going to be three weeks before I find out how I did (hopefully, it’ll be an admission call). Maybe, I’m just being my usual self-critical self but I did not answer all the questions the way I prepared for them even though I anticipated all the questions I got, also I heard it was supposed to be conversational but none of my interviews were really conversational except the few time the interviewer nodded or laughed or said something in response to my answers to the questions. It also did not help that we were both type-A, female introverts. Be still, Ify, there’s nothing else you can do.

For those of you that have either gone through this process or are planning to go through it, you know that this is not the first stage of the application process, in fact, the interview is the final step for the MBA applicant. I have gone through a harrowing experience; including more rejections than I had ever gotten in all of my life put together and deeper self-analysis than I’d ever done. Even the application process makes you better (or bitter), the education can only do better, right?

I found a lot of resources useful while applying, most of which were blogs by other MBA applicants/ students and that is why I started this blog, so that I can help someone somewhere with their own process, especially international (and African) applicants. I intend to chronicle my application process as well as my school experience in due time.

Until then, I have to go fret get some work done.

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